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Show Review - No Depression  

"Nick has Edge, Drawing Comparisons to Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in sound and embodiment." 

EP Review - GroundSounds

The EP, described perfectly as “a collection of open hearted indie pop originals,” showcases Nick’s ability to craft a truly memorable pop gem.

A Better Place Featured in PopWrapped

Once in awhile, a song so potent comes along that you remember just how powerful and beautiful of a connection music is for us all.

“A Better Place” begins with the faint sound of a cardiac monitor, presumably inside a hospital, followed by Nick Deutsch’s low vocals, heavy on emotion. The melody and instrumental build, appropriately, almost like a heartbeat. You’ll feel every piano chord as it’s struck.

Deutsch sings to his mother about meeting her in a better place someday, and the entire work is just stunning. Check out its exclusive premiere. 

The 28-year-old attributes his love for music to his late mother, who would undoubtedly be honored by this piece of art he has written for her.

Born in Illinois, Deutsch is now a New York-based singer/songwriter, with several songwriting accolades to his name. He worked with producer Joey Auch to develop his second EP, Crazy Ride, a project that brought him through his grieving process while also strengthening him as an artist.

“So many people have a “Crazy Ride” everyday, and I just hope I can bring three minutes of relief, three minutes to connect people together and let them know that I’ve been there, and together, we’ll keep spinning round,” Deutsch explains on his website.


Run Featured in Huffington Post 

What does it mean to truly be out of the closet?

Though singer-songwriter Nick Deutsch says he's been out as gay since before he entered high school, he recently made the bold move to come out publicly for the first time.

The announcement comes in tandem with the release of his new single and video for the song "Run." According to a statement on YouTube, "'Run' chronicles the decay of a relationship between two men, one whom is unable to break free from the destructive bonds of shame... It's written for anyone whose been through the heartbreak of falling for somebody who can't love you back."

EP Reviews

360 Magazine says -

Nick Deutsch is brilliant. A hybrid of pop, electro, rock and alternative. "Green Light" contains beautiful production, soothing vocals and great instrumentation. "The Static" features a songbird named Marissa Pontecorvo (her vibrato and runs are sick). Track is superb. A mixture of folk, country and adult contemporary. Amazing harmonies, lyrical content and production. "Crazy Ride" will make your eyes water. A record about being exhausted by life's everyday challenges. This is a masterpiece of a commercial single. This most definitely is a title track. "Run" is eerily magnificent. This track's production showcases exemplary work. Every beat pings, vocals are crisp and instrumentation is 3 dimensional.

In short, this is a must buy. This artist has struck complete gold with "Crazy Ride" and "Run." His innate ability to metamorphose into any genre is effortless. Immense talent, creativity and marketability has earned him a spot on our #360WatchList. - 360 Magazine

Neufutur Magazine Says -

Individuals listening to Nick Deutsch’s EP Crazy Ride will happen upon Run, a track that links together The Rocket Summer and hints of Say Anything and Owl City. Run is a track that could easily make it onto pop rotation, as Deutsch’s emotive vocals will capture listeners’ hearts while the solid production allows his inimitable vocals to hang with the biggies in the field. Green Light is a track that rapidly gains speed. From the initial unity of piano and vocals, the track takes a harder edge through the inclusion of drums. The silky-smooth vocal style of Deutsch continues here, but improves upon Run in that Deutsch crafts some rich narrative in this effort. Something that listeners will be able to discern during the tracks on Crazy Ride is that Deutsch’s pop stylings obscure a much more complex and fulfilling set of instrumental arrangements. Fans will be able to hear a number of twists and turns with each subsequent listening, considerably increasing the overall replay value of this release. Crazy Ride comes forth as a blend of Paul Simon and Conor Oberst; this blend of older and newer musical styles will appease anyone listening in, while Deutsch’s vocals continue to impress.

The Static (which features Marissa Pontecorvo) is another solid effort on this release. The dynamic that is created between Nick and Marissa is stellar, with a vocal back and forth calling back to Islands in the Stream or Don’t You Wanna Stay. This single has a much greater crossover appeal for those fans of emotive or traditional pop music. For samples of Deutsch’s music, make sure to visit his Reverbnation; his Facebook is constantly updated with the latest in news.  

Top Tracks: Run, Green Light

Rating: 8.6/10


- James McQuiston, Ph.D.

Editor, NeuFutur Magazine (Print)
Editor, NeuFutur Online ( http://www.neufutur.com )

Hot Indie News Says -

This one caught me by surprise. Sometimes before I review new music, I will look up YouTube clips and/or checkout what the artist or band is posting on their social networking sites. Sometimes I do none of that and just fly blindly into the music.

This one was one of those times I flew completely blind and just pressed play on SoundCloud. Boy, I'm glad I did. I'm a sucker for fresh music, strong harmony and not overcomplicated lyrics. Nick Deutsch in his 'Crazy Ride' EP sure gives the listener a complete picture of his talent and command of modern pop music. If you like Sarah Bareilles, OneRepublic, Matt Nathanson and Matt Kearney, you will find something you like in the impressive 'Crazy Ride.'

"Run" starts out like a bit of a tip toe. The playfully placed piano and music beds is interrupted by a strong vocal showing. It's a charming piece with incredible harmony.

"Green Light" is also very catchy. After a few listens it occurred to me that I might have wanted to hear this track a bit more raw; perhaps Nick Deutsch relies too much on the production value in this song. It doesn't sound too fabricated, but I would be very curious to hear this song live acoustically.

In "The Static" Nick Deutsch brings along friend and American Idol finalist, Marissa Pontecorvo. This is a strong song - the duet brings a killer element. Pontecorvo takes the notes a bit higher at the perfect time. It never feels forced and the song truly feels like a dance. The chorus is super catchy and this song will linger in your ears for days. Promise.

"Crazy Ride" slows it down a bit and is so telling. Nick Deutsch's voice sounds so vulnerable. The cascading piano music bed pings in a way that a smile from a stranger tugs your heart. No matter your mood, listening to this song is warm and easy to embrace.

I'm convinced Nick Deutsch is the next big thing. Convinced. Overall, he garners a solid A+ review for his enjoyable 'Crazy Ride.'  - Melissa Kucirek, Hot Indie News



Spoke Magazine says -


As Nick Deutsch’s Crazy RideEP opens with ‘Run’, it’s immediately clear that he’s a capable songwriter and musician. The track borrows a whole host of contemporary stylings that could easily be found in the music of James Blunt and Owl City. It’s on the chorus, however, that the song really shines; soaring high with its delay infused pianos creating a sense of faith and hope.

‘Green Light’ continues in a similar pattern, following the Roxette formula of getting to the chorus as quickly as possible; “See a green light / No turning back, no turning back.” It’s a jubilant piece of music that has the courage to use notes that might not be expected to create a more inventive melody.

Featuring American X Factor finalist Marissa Pontecorvo, ‘The Static’ is a darker, more brooding track. As a duet it showcases the two vocalists well, their voices well matched and complementing each other well as they join in on the chorus.

Closing with ‘Crazy Ride’ the EP draws to a close with a slow burner of a track. Soft vocals over a gentle piano, which burst into life as the drums kick in like fireworks lighting up the sky on a cold night. The falsetto on the chorus is admirable, adding a spirited flourish to the song, which closes Crazy Ride triumphantly.

JP's Music Blog Says -  http://jpsmusicblog.blogspot.com/2014/05/cd-review-new-must-hear-independent.htm

Nick certainly has his finger on the pop pulse as his song "Green Light" captures the youthfulness of today's digital music listeners. His "made for radio" hit comes in the form of a duet with American Idol finalist Marissa Pontecorvo on "The Static," but the highlight of the album is the slow build-up of "Crazy Ride."

The Equal Ground says -


There is no denying that Nick Deutsch makes pop music that has a similar production aesthetics, structure and overall feel to that you would find on a popular FM radio station. It’s music that is meant to be digested by the masses and go down with ease. The concepts and ideas he paints are simple enough for a fifth grader to understand and also broad enough that anyone can relate to. And at its core isn’t that what pop music is intended for. Whether or not you are someone who indulges in top 40 pop there is no denying that Deutsch’s recent release Crazy Ride is superbly produced with a number of well-written songs.

The first song from the EP is entitled “Green Light,” which dabbles in universal themes such as heartbreak, loss, perseverance and hope. It starts with a hypnotic piano melody and vocals, which is quickly followed by the steady thud of a heavy kick drum, which gives it a dance vibe. 

Deutsch implements frequently used effects such as delay and filters on his voice, which gives it even more of that top 40 feel. The song initially dabbles in melancholy over loss but by its end it turns grandiose and triumphant. He sings, “No turning back - I see a green light” as an arpeggiated synths, drums and bass provide uplifting melody.

The second track “The Static” features a debut with Marissa Pontecorvo, which scales back the dance beat and synths for more organic instrumentation. This song appeals to radio even more than the first song. There is no denying they sound great together and belt it out. 

Deutsch closes with “Run,” which arguably has the most infectious melodies on the album. The production is top notch as he implements a number of pro techniques that make the song fluid and smooth.

Let’s be honest. If you are eagerly awaiting the new Ty Segall Band album you probably won't be into Nick Deutsch but if you enjoy watching “The Voice” this music might be right up your alley. Deutsch knows exactly what he’s doing and he is setting himself up for someone you may be hearing a lot more of in the not too distant future.


Awards & Nominations

“Meteor” achieves “International Songwriting Competition” semi-finalist for best pop song 2015

“Meteor” achieves “UK Songwriting Finalist” for best pop song 2015

“Meteor” achieves “Unsigned Only” Semi- finalist nomination for best pop song 2015

 “Heart Saver” achieves UK Songwriting semi-finalist” nomination for best pop song 2015

 “Under Your Ocean” achieves “UK Commended Entry Nomination” for best pop song 2015

“Under Your Ocean” achieves “International Vocalist Competition” semi finalist for best pop male voice 2015

“Meteor” achieves “Dallas Songwriter’s Semi Finalist” nomination for best Pop Song 2014

"Run" achieves "UK Songwriting semi-finalist" nomination for Best Pop Song 2014

"Run" achieves "American Songwriting Awards" nomination for Best Pop Song 2014

Lyrics to "Crazy Ride" win 2nd place in American Songwriter's May/June 2014 Lyric Contest http://www.americansongwriter.com/lyric-contest/2nd-place/

Great American Song Finalist in the POP category for "The Static" Feat. Marissa Pontecorvo

Winner of Ampslam's January 2013 Monthly Song Contest for "The Static" feat. Marissa Pontecorvo 

Nominated for Best Pop Male Vocal at 2013 IMEA (International Music and Entertainment Association) Awards

Featured Artist on 2013 Millennium Music Conference Compilation CD for "Green Light"

Nominated for 2011 Philadelphia Songwriters Project Award for "Fly"

Nominated for 2011 New York Songwriters Circle Award for "Serious"

Featured Artist on 2011 Singer/Songwriter Cape May Compilation CD for "Serious"